Formed in 2001 in Bergen, Norway by guitarist Martin Legreid, bassist Mads Mowinckel (BREED) and drummer Mads Lilletvedt (BYFROST), HELLISH OUTCAST quickly gained a reputation as one of the most extreme live bands in Bergen’s underground scene. HELLISH OUTCAST delivers explicit, aggressive and hellish thrash/death metal, designed to leave you bruised and begging for more! The recent addition of vocalist Thebon (KEEP OF KALESSIN) to the ranks of HELLISH OUTCAST gives the band a keener edge and a new approach to their blood soaked musical style.

HELLISH OUTCAST’s first official release was the controversial “Raping – Killing – Murder” EP, which hit the streets in 2008 and created its fair share of controversy. The new full-length album, whose title “Your God Will Bleed” gives you some indication of what you can expect, will follow in the lyrical footsteps laid down in the EP, with its exploration of the violence and brutality in the world today. But be warned, musically it promises to reach a whole new level of aggression.